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The Village Board of St. Johnsville

Minutes Archive - 2013

(The Data below is for General Information only, it has has been corrected as best we can for obvious Misspellings and Typos.

The Official Approved Legal data should be viewed at the Village Offices)


2013 - Dec.17 |

Board of Trustees - Regular Meeting of 12-17-13  6:30 PM Community House

Present: Mayor Bernard Barnes, Trustees Martin Callahan, Margaret DiGiacomo, Gene Colorito and James Castrucci.

Also: WWTP Supervisor, Frederick Campione, DPW/Water Supervisor, William Vicciarelli, Police Chief, Diana Callen, 1st. Assistant Fire Chief, Christopher Weaver

Public: Nelson Darrach and Michael O'Dockerty

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Barnes and the salute to the flag was given.

Public: Nelson Darrach stated that there were no numbers appearing on his new water meter. He was told that if he put a flashlight on the meter, the numbers would show up, if they didn't he should let William Vicciarelli know. Also he was concerned with the dogs going on his property and the surrounding properties. He was told to get the names of those letting their dogs go on the property without cleaning it up. Without names and proof, not much can be done.

Legals: Attorney Mastromoro said that at last months meeting there was discussion concerning wells in the Village. It is not the intent of the Village Board to outlaw wells/springs in the Village. There may be some residents/businesses that are not fully connected to Village, however, Village Law states that all Villagers must be connected to the Village system. Any springs/wells have to do water quality test and show proof of the results. Attorney will discuss this later.

Consent Agenda: A motion to create a consent agenda consisting of the minutes of the regular Meeting of 11-19-13, Investment Report, Police Report, Wastewater Treatment Report, Justice Report, DPW Report and Codes Report, was made by Trustee DiGiacomo and seconded by Trustee Callahan. All ayes

A motion to adopt said consent agenda was made by Trustee Callahan and seconded by Trustee DiGiacomo. All ayes.

Claims: A motion to accept the claims in the amount of $109,467.17 was made by Trustee DiGiacomo, and seconded by Trustee Callahan. All ayes. The claims were broken down as follows;

General Fund $48,730.13 

Cemetery Fund - $96.27 

Marina Fund - $6,208.91 

Water Fund  - $4,548.20 

Sewer Fund - $49,883.66

Department Heads:

1 Asst. F ire Chief: Christopher Weaver

Mr. Weaver gave a copy of Junior Members Guidelines to all board members

and the Attorney. The Attorney is to review and edit. This agreement involves the school and parents, for instance the reporting of poor grades to the parents who in turn tell the Fire Dept. Mr. Weaver said the Insurance Company was happy with the guidelines. The present Jr. fire contract is up on December 15, 2013. When new plan accepted, it will start up again. Mr. Weaver asked Attorney if the Fire Dept. application is alright. The attorney has not seen it yet so the Clerk will give him a copy. There seems to be a question as to the board approving members. The attorney will check on this. Mr. Weaver told the board a grant has been submitted and received by the state. Fit testing is to be done using equipment from the county. He also said Eastern Medical will only charge $85 for physicals. This includes breathing test and EKG and they come to the firehouse to do the physicals. A motion to go to Eastern Medical was made by Trustee DiGiacomo and seconded by Trustee Callahan. All ayes . Mr. Weaver stated that there is no heater in the fire house on the side of Engine 1. He said there may be an old heater out back but he would need new piping. Mr. Weaver will discuss with Trustee Castrucci.

DPW/Water Supervisor, William Vicciarelli: He said he has a problem with people throwing Snow in the road. The Police Chief said she is aware and the officers will look out for suspects. Maybe an article in paper will help. Permission was granted to Mr. Vicciarelli to open the cemetery for a burial in a day or so.

WWTP Supervisor, Frederick Campione: He had nothing to report but wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Police Chief, Diana Callen: She said everything is statuesque. Due to rumors, she wanted to clarify that Jeffery Smith (former undersheriff) was not a consultant to the police dept. he is a volunteer worker to help with grants, etc.

Codes Officer, Wayne Horender: He said he sent a letter to Mr. Kumahar in regards to his property on Monroe St. He received the return receipt back so he knows it was delivered. He will discuss this matter with the attorney and ask him to send Mr. Kumahar's attorney a letter. The wall is in violation of Codes.

Marina: The Mayor reported that he is to meet with representatives of the Canal on the 7th of January, to discuss the matter of dredging.

Old business: none

New Business:

 1. Anita sent the board a copy of her Historian Annual Report. The board acknowledges receipt.

 2. 2% tax cap—the Attorney said to over-ride it a local law must be submitted. The Tax Cap:

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