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Minutes of June 9th 2014

Meeting called to order @ 6:32PM

Attendance: J Handy, K Jones, Kathy Bobilin, C Licari, Larry Sweet, Joe Brown, and Bob Murray.

Review and Acceptance of previous month's minutes: No minutes were read - unavailable - minutes are only posted to our website now.

Treasurer's Report: Submitted by Karen Jones - Spring Fest profit is approximately $3,535.27 (see additional sheet for breakdown) fund raiser account deposit was $7,845.92 to date - Not all expenses have been paid to date. It was decided to transfer funds from the FUND raiser account to the General Operating account to pay outstanding bills. Motion to accept financial report: Carmen L; 2ndKathy B

Outstanding Bills:

Logo Patch $54.00

Burkdorf's Lumber $528.84 (Information Booth)

Planter boxes & Supports - $272.04 (True Value $22.57 and Burkdorf's $249.47)

Motion to pay outstanding bills: Carmen L; 2nd - Kathy B

Awarding of Parade Prizes:

1.    First Place - House of Bread (accepted by Larry Sweet)

2.    Second Place - Sportee Designs (accepted by Joe Brown)

3.    Third place - Glove City (accepted by Bob Murray)

Membership: Membership total is 56


1. Mang Insurance cancellation notice was received but the insurance policy has since been reinstated.

Unfinished Business:

1. Discussed the information booth - possible plaque to be put on the building once completed.

2. Spring Fest updates: Pageant had 15 contestants, Chicken BBQ (500 % chickens purchased) sold 485, Vendors were greeted by Juanita. Carmen spoke of some suggestions he received from the vendors. Carmen also suggested raising the price of the Chicken BBG tickets. The Tow-path Tee shirts were discussed - there were many left over, so Carmen is going to hang them at the Little M for sale @ $5.00 each - Carolyn Williams will also be selling them at the Violet Festival in Dolgeville on June 12, 13 & 14. DJ dance party should be held on Saturday night next year, Discussion of something for "Teens especially in the summer months.

3. Marina concert event to be scheduled once we know firm dates.

New Business:

1. Discussed upcoming events and viewed new "flyers" - these would be presented in the new "Information Booth" Last year's price was $ 800 - Motion was made to keep the cost under $1,000 by Carmen; 2d by Kathy

2. September Fest - ideas: Side walk sales; Brook's Chicken BBQ, garage sales, Road Rally, Back to School dance on Friday night - dates for September event will be the 6th and 7th

3.  Annual Dinner Meeting - September 29th - checking with Cosmo's for date and pricing.

4.  Possible event for 2015 - Red Neck days?

Next meeting is Aug. 11th, 2014. 6:30 PM —American Legion Post 168 (Main St)

Adjournment: 8:40 PM

St. Johnsville Chamber of Commerce Monthly Meeting Agenda June 9, 2014

Call to Order

Member Sign In

Awarding of Prizes to Springiest Float Winners Approval of April Meeting Minutes

Treasurer's Report

Financial Report

Review and Payment of Outstanding Bills

Members Update


Unfinished Business

"Village of St. Johnsville" sign on east end of village

Chamber Kiosk

Chamber Decal

Springfest Assessment by Committee

Jail 'n Bait

Beauty Pageant


Chicken BBQ


Towpath Run

DJ Dance Party


Grant available - in by April 30

New Business

Marina Ice Cream Social


Annual Dinner Meeting

Redneck Old Glory Days for fall 2014

Other Business



Next Meeting Monday, August 11, 2014

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Minutes of April 14, 2014

Meeting called to order at 6:40PM

Attendance: J Handy, G Murray, K Jones, C Williams, C Licari, L Britton, J Geesler, Robert Smith, Judy Swartz, & Toni Smith

Review and Acceptance of previous month's minutes: Minutes were reviewed by attending members Motion to accept with corrections: Motion C Licari - 2nd j Swartz. Correction: Miss Mohawk Valley Scholarship —NOT Ms Mohawk Valley.

Treasurer's Report: Submitted by Karen Jones - Total Balance all account - $7,699.68. Reported Income: $725 - Expenses: 639.80. motion to accept treasurer's report - C Williams, 2nd G Murray.

Membership: Membership total is 53


1. Mang Insurance binder and billing was received a total is due of $244.80 - motion to pay this bill: G Murray; 2nd J Swartz

2. Other correspondence received is as follows: Post office with promotion on services offered, Commercial traveler's brochure, NBT Bank credit card, Ad for Flags, St Johnsville Ads, Graduation Award letter request- OESJ. Motion to pay the scholarship award to OESJ - C Williams, 2 nd L Britton

·  Historical Presentation - Robert E Smith

1. In order to start the process of becoming a member on the "National Registry of Historic places, an architectural survey needs to be paid for and completed. Mr. Smith is looking for a buy in from the chamber of $500 for 2 years - totaling $1,000 with a grand total to be collected of $8,000.

2. Tax breaks up to 40% - State indicated that the Central Hotel cold be approved immediately. The sign (sponsored by the Chamber) is currently being stored at the DPW.

3. Letter of support will be written by C Williams and sent to Robert E Smith prior to the 4th of May.

4. This is a three year project with a cost of $11,400.00 - Grant deadline is May 4th - motion to commit to the $1,000 - G Murray, 2 d L Britton.

Unfinished Business:

1. Village sign (destroy by car accident) Geico has been given all the information necessary to settle this claim including the Police Report and Police Photos.

2. Dilemma is that the Village has taken the authority to take the signs for repair in Fonda and the Carmen on behalf of the Chamber contracted with Barney for the estimates, It was decided that Barney needs to be compensated at least for the estimate -

3. Carmen is moving forward with the assistance of the OESJ CSD to build the information booth to be placed on the lot across from the American Legion Post 168. The labor from the "shop class" will be free, we only need to purchase the necessary supplied to build this booth. It wiU have a similar look as the one in Fort Plain but will also include a large veranda on the front, hanging baskets of flowers, and be open to the public during the day.

4. Grand Opening events need to be held during our "spring fest gala for the following: The information booth, Amy's recycling center, Small town Pizzeria and The Village Signs.


1. Vendors - Gail has been sending out applications, taking calls, and will continue to progress in this arena right up to the day of the event.

2. Amusement Rides -C Arduini has signed the amended contract to have the rides available.

3. Port-a-Pots —these have been ordered and will be delivered for our 3 day event. Suggested locations: behind the vendors on the Methodist Church Lawn, and at the Amusement park location.

4.Towpath run - J Geesler mentioned that we need manpower for this race to be successful. 9 volunteers are needed at the finish line. Softball players were a great help last year and we will inquire as to their participation again this year. Roy Tompson, Barb Kirby, J Swartz, G Murray have worked in the past and maybe willing to work again this year at registration (4:30PM) and other areas. Wayne Burkdorf has also assisted on an annual basis. John requested that a special meeting be held on May 1st tofinalize all preparation for Springfest and the Towpath run. This was unanimously approved. Police need to be available for traffic control, Ambulance for any medical issues, and DPW. Also Watermelon, coffee, left over cupcakes are served after the event to the runners.

5. Chicken BBQ - Carolyn contacted Stewarts for the milk order - they will have it ready and we can pick it up anytime the day of the BBQ -

6. Jail & Bail will be done once again by Cathy Rice. L Britton also will do the jail & bail during the Youth pageant.

7. Advertising - L Britton has 10 businesses contributing to the advertising campaign. 38 radio commercials with that business being mentioned. 4 times ,per day starting May 1.

8. Youth Pageant - L. Britton has done all her contacts, posters, etc. at both the Middle school and high school levels. Pre-registration will begin Friday, May 2nd through Monday May 5.

9. Banner - Juanita has gotten the banner updated and will have the DPW place it for us. Cost of update: $20.00 - motion to pay C Williams; 2nd J Swartz

10.Possible Dance on Saturday, May 10th - Carolyn contacted Mike Catalina (DJ) and the contracts should be signed shortly. Cost $100/hr.

11.Parade - We are looking for convertibles for the dignitaries to ride in for the parade —Also volunteers to be pooper scoopers" for the horse are needed - also any member interested can be a "Clown" in the parade that would be great fun.

12.Brochures - Juanita stated that this is a "work in process" - Toni is assisting her with this project.

New Business:

1. Village has approached Juanita concerning a "Dog Waster Collection Station". Cost would be undertaken by the chamber - station includes a trash container for the refuse and bags to be used for this purpose.

2. Possible grant for our October Fest - ideas: to be submitted by April 30th 2014 if we can get the concept together. $ 5,000 for an event for the chamber - M. Callahan has mentioned this to Juanita - Bob Smith has offered to assist with the application process

NEXT Meeting: May 1st - 6:30 PM @ American Legion Post

Adjournment: 8:27 PM

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Minutes of March 10th , 2014 

  • Meeting called to order @ 6:38PM
  • Attendance:  J Handy, K Jones, C Williams, D Bellen, L Britton, J Geesler, S Lane, M & M Mancini, R Morrison, J Swartz & Toni Smith (guest)
  • Review and Acceptance of previous month's minutes:  Minutes were ready by Carolyn Williams – motion to accept with corrections:  Motion Martha Mancini - 2nd Sandy Lane.  Mention was made that the e-mailed minutes have not been received by some members – possible solutions:  Minutes will be on the website only not e-mailed – members will be instructed to utilize the website for minutes in the future.   Also as to meeting dates and times – Martha Mancini mentioned that a telephone “tree” committee might be formed to call members for a reminder of the meeting.
  • Treasurer's Report:  Submitted by Karen Jones – Karen reported that 2 more vendors had submitted monies ($120.00) for deposit.

·        Membership:  51 members total – Juanita requested that all members check the website to insure accuracy of their page.   Additional members:  Rick Morrison Cranesville Radio Network, Lee Publications.

·        Unfinished business:

1.      Patsy from DMV discussed the parade route paperwork.  We need 5 million dollars of insurance coverage – so it has been decided that we will have to get permission under the Village’s insurance.

2.      Village sign was damaged by a motor vehicle – Carmen Licari is working with the insured’s company to try to get it repaired.  GEICO seems to be “stonewalling” us on paying the claim.

3.       The membership agreed to not sponsor the films by Omonike Akinyemi. The membership does not consider this a commercial endeavor and we are not a good fit for her programs.  Motion by D. Bellen and 2nd by M Mancini. 

·   SpringFest: 

1.      Vendors – Gail Murray Absent – Toni Smith offered to put a vendors list together and so some web advertising for us.  Gail M supposedly got the business cards from the Vendors at Fort Klock and is contacting them.  Juanita reiterated that members who were interested in a 10’ x 10’ space needs to contact her and we will make that area available to them as part of their membership dues.  Carolyn contacted Cathy Bellen and she has given us permission to utilize the lawn on the Methodist church again this year for vendors. 

2.      Amusement Rides -C Arduini is looking into other offerings for “Rides & Amusements”

3.      Spring Box Derby – Steve Sammons will not be doing the derby this year, however he offered all the equipment if someone else was interested in continuing with it.  We need a new chairman for this event, Darren said he will mention it to Steve Dannible.

4.      Towpath run – J Geesler stated that the mailings to the sponsors of this race need to be mailed ASAP.  This year he is ordering long-sleeved tees for the runners only – if sponsors want a shirt an additional fee of $10.00 will be needed when they send in their sponsorship.  Once again he will utilize Roger Weaver for the shirts and Crofoot for the trophies.   Carolyn is to contact the Chobani representative for enough yogurts for 150 runners. We also need to have 2 policment for traffic control and Village workers to clean the garage.  SAVAC needs to be contacted as well to support the run.  Toni Smith said she is more than happy to do a list and flier for sponsors.

5.      Chicken BBQ – Darren will ask Greg Kalinowki if he will once again cook for this event. All members will be asked again to provide 2 dozen cupcakes for the evening of the BBQ.

6.      Jail & Bail will be done once again by Cathy Rice – Carolyn Will supply her with the necessary sheets for sponsors.  Other participants were discussed – Juanita will check with the school for participation with the facility and student body.

7.      Talent Show – it was decided to table this as the committee was unable to meet in a timely fashion.  Toni will contact Shelly Arduini to see if this is a feasible event.   Possibility of moving this event to September Fest.

8.      Youth Pageant - L. Britton needs our commitment for the Youth Pageant of $200 – motion made by D Bellen and 2nd by J Geesler to support the pageant. Monies go to the Ms Mohawk Valley Scholarship program.

9.      Garage Sales – Juanita will contact the Village offices concerning permit issues.

10. Possible Dance on Saturday, May 10th – Carolyn to contact Mike Catalina (DJ) –Darren is to contact James Looman (DJ) to see if they are available for this event – Toni Smith will donate the Masonic Hall as she is renting it for the entire day.

11. Fireworks – it was decided by consensus that we would not be doing fireworks this year – Motion:  C Williams; 2nd Michael Mancini.

12. Three hour remote broadcast - Rick Morrison from Cranesville  Radio – WKAJ offered a 3 hr. remote broadcast to promote springfest at no charge to the chamber.  Proposal for location – Chicken BBQ – He will start prior to BBQ (telecast from 3 PM – 6 PM) with all coming attractions for the Springfest weekend.

13. Parade – Juanita informed the attendees that there will be awards for the springfest parade – 1st place float $200; 2nd place - $100; 3rd place $50

14. Advertising from Bug Country – L Britton offered the same package as last year for the advertising – A motion to support both radio stations was made by D Bellen and 2nd by Judy Swartz – total cost to chamber $400.00

15. Spring Fest Banner – Juanita will check with the DPW about getting the banner up and changing the dates with Ron Dygert.  

New Business: 

1.    Brochures – Toni Smith offered to assist Juanita with the set up and design of the new brochures utilizing business cards.

2.   Toni Smith will be doing ‘On Line” garage sales – venue is the Masonic Temple.  The in-door garage sales will purchase tables from Toni to display their wares - @ $10/table.  Toni pays for the cost of the hall $280/day – Masons will be doing beverages and food that day  - Vendors will have bake sales, crocheted items, Sensy, Candles, and personal garage-sale type items.  Similar to the IN DOOR FLEA MARKETS -

 Next meeting is April 14th , 2014.  6:30 PM – American Legion Post 168 (Main St)

Adjournment:  8:45 PM

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Minutes of February 10, 2014

  • Meeting called to order @ 6:40PM
  • Attendance:  J Handy, K Jones, C Williams, L Britton
  • Review and Acceptance of previous month's minutes:  Minutes were ready by Carolyn Williams – motion to accept as written:  Motion K. Jones  - 2nd L Britton.
  • Treasurer's Report:  Submitted by Karen Jones – 3 payments were made last month:

1.    Fulton-Montgomery Chamber Dues

2.     Gail Murray – expenses from Tree Lighting

3.     Juanita Handy – expenses from Tree lighting 

  • Membership:  Two new members to the count:  Morris J Edwards Post 168 and OESJ Central School.  We have 46 members paid to date - Parade Account has been opened Information will be submitted to Karen Jones from the committee.  $ 55.00 was given to open the Parade Account @ NBT Bank.  Juanita will send a membership listing to C Williams for her to contact them for their business cards. 

  • Correspondence:  All correspondence was read – as follows:

1.      Contract for J & M Amusement – bouncy house, food concession, etc – we are concerned about the “Exclusive” clause – Juanita will pursue this with him as the members in attendance thought this was not acceptable.  Carolyn will contact both Carmen and B Barnes for locations of this vendor. 

2.      Fort Klock information sheet and calendar of events were sent by Anita Smith for our brochure and Web Site.

3.      Anita Smith also contacted us about the annual Bike Ride through St Johnsville - stating that it is greatly appreciated by the riders – this event is always held on the second week of July – Chamber usually offers refreshments at the pavilion in the Marina.

4.      Flapjacks and Fairy Tales event has been moved to May 4th, 2014 – they are looking for a donation basket. C Williams thought a nice touch might be to have each member of the chamber submit something for our basket and the book would be Historic St Johnsville – written by J Berry.

5.      Letter thanking us for the “Last Night festivities” was received from Bob Smith.

6.      Our insurance renewal from Mang was received.

7.      A letter from Morris J Edwards Post 168 to participate in the Memorial Day parade. A May 9th deadline is being given for us to respond to the invitation.  C Williams suggested a convertible with the officers in the back?  Parade chairman is Tim Rice.

8.      Two vender responses that they are attending our springfest event. 50 appications were mailed out.

9.      Newsline from the F-M Chamber was shared.  

Old Business:  

1.      Springfest-Parade – Grand Marshall will be Dawn Lamphere.  The 33B form for the parade route – Juanita will contact Patsy Schoff for her help with this filing.

2.      L Britton discussed at length the Pageant for Ms St Johnsville – she stated that she was open to either decision whether we “do” or “don't” support this event.  We are thinking of linking the Pageant with a Talent Show to raise some money for the chamber.  The Talent show would be held after the pageant from 5 PM to 7 PM.   Lori would expect a $200 donation toward the pageant.

3.      Omonike Akinyemi sent a letter explaining the contents of some of her films – some are PG 13 and we will table this event for a later date with more members input and vote.

4.      Food Vendors – it was unanimously agreed “the more the merrier” - all vendors with foods, local and outside of the area will be welcomed.

5.      Show fund raiser committee has not met as of the date of this meeting. 

New Business: 

1.    Chamber offers to the members:  Website and Brochure space – but it was mentioned that perhaps a 10 x 10 booth area for those interested should be included for our members during SpringFest. C Williams offered the lawns around NBT bank for this purpose. Motion to offer this to the membership was made by C Williams and 2nd by L. Britton.  

2.   It was brought to the attention of Juanita Handy that the “Welcome Sign” at the East end of the Village has been damaged – An automobile accident on January 2nd, 2014 flattened our sign – photos have been taken and we will contact the driver's insurance agent for repairs.

3.   Advertising for all SpringFest events shall be discussed at a later date.  Adding a small donation of $50 to the membership (making it $115/year) would greatly assist our advertising budget. 

 Next meeting is March 10th , 2014.  6:30 PM – American Legion Post 168 (Main St)

 Adjournment:  8:25 PM

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Minutes of January 13, 2014 

  • Meeting called to order @ 6:32 PM
  • Attendance:  J Handy, K Jones, G Murray, C Williams, K Lansing, J Swartz, D Bellen, C & S Arduini, B Barnes, M & M Mancini & Christmas Decorating award winners.
  • Christmas Decorating Winner presentations:  Criteria for review was:

The House and Door winner will receive a $50.00 gift certificate and the Door winner will receive a $25 gift certificate.  The certificates are redeemable at any St. Johnsville Chamber of Commerce member’s business.  The Business winner will receive $50 

Certificates of Achievement and monetary awards were given to Darin & Becky Lynch, Keara & Darin Battisti, Judy Swartz, Mayor Bernard Barnes, Larry & Patsy Schoff, and Jason &Trisha Caponera.  

  • Review and Acceptance of previous month's minutes:  Minutes were ready by Carolyn Williams – motion to accept as written:  Motion B Barnes - 2nd G Murray.
  • Treasurer's Report:  Submitted by Karen Jones – all outstanding debts should be paid  motion to accept, C Williams; 2nd – G Murray

1.      Tree Lighting expenses to include:  Candy, Candle holders, & S'mores totaling $80.60 – motion to accept C Williams; 2nd J Swartz

2.      A donation of $200.00 was made to Joe & Dan Patterson for their participation with wagon rides during the Tree lighting event.

3.      All leftover foods from the event were donated to the DPW & Police & fire departments for their assistance as well.  The ingredients for the s’mores were donated to the benefit club for their holiday event. 

  •   Membership:  Two new members to the count:  The Gallery (Michael & Martha Mancini) and J & J Sporting Goods (John & Judy Swartz).  We have 44 members paid to date – outstanding 3 to 4 members.  A schedule of the Fulton Montgomery meetings will be given to the membership – attendance at the F-M Meetings are imperative if we are to be members of that chamber.

  • Correspondence:  All correspondence was read – no responses were needed.

  •  Old Business:

1.      Springfest-Parade was discussed.  Chris Arduini, Darren Bellen & Kim Lansing are to meet and head up a committee for the parade.  Meeting date is January 17th @ 10 AM – NBT Bank conference room.       $1,000 has been set aside to make the parade bigger & better this year.

2.      Bernie Barnes made mention that any function on Main Street needs to obtain a permit from the State – Perm 33B must be filed with the dates of May 8, 9 & 10th listed for the Spring Fest.

3.      Omonike Akinyemi was discussed once again as an event.   It was decided to place this on hold for now until the content of her films are known.

  •  New Business: 

1.    Chris & Shelley Arduini did a presentation of their intentions for the Industrial Park just recently purchased by them.  A Campground and RV park will be on the site – Plans for this construction was shared with all members in attendance.  The site is a historical/archeological area so there have been some delays for that reason.  The Arduini’s are hoping to have these sites noted and perhaps have displays for the public.   There will be tenting, RV parks, Pool, and other recreational areas offered.  The time frame on this opening is unknown currently, however, the Arduini’s are hoping for 18 months.  It was suggested that a “Letter of Request” be sent from the Village to the State to assist in this endeavor.  Many Thanks to Chris & Shelley for their investment and vision to better the Village.

2.   SpringFest Vender mailing needs to be undertaken.  Gail Murray once again will spearhead this part of the festivities.  The Chamber will mail a letter to the Methodist Church for usage of their front lawn – Carolyn Williams will compose and deliver the message to Cathy Bellen.  Bouncy rides were discussed and we will pursue other vendors before committing to previous one.  Food vendors were discussed.  It was mentioned that the Benefit club or Legion might be interested in doing some food as well. The chicken BBQ will be held on Friday, May 9th as usual from the American Legion post on Main Street.

3.   Juanita presented a new concept for the Chamber Brochure – Business cards instead of free form – it was widely accepted that this would make it more professional and less proofing would be necessary.  This request is made to all members to please submit (CLEAN – no staples, etc.) Business cards to Juanita so we can pursue this concept.

4.   Carolyn shared an e-mail received from Business Development – included here with the offer to assist any business owner in writing grants, getting loans, etc.

5.   Kim Lansing shared that both Hannah Taylor & Leanne Clark were offered the opportunity to play Soccer in Italy- a fund raiser for their benefit will be held at the Bridge Street bakery & Café on January 26th from 10 – 2 PM – origami owl jewelry will be offered with 50 % of the proceeds going to the girls.  A Bake sale will be held at NBT Bank on February 1st for their benefit as well.

 Next meeting is February 10th, 2014.  6:30 PM – American Legion Post 168 (Main St)

Adjournment:  8:25 PM 



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