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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - January 9, 2008


President Diane Littrell called the meeting to order at 6:35p.m.


Those members in attendance were Alan & Diane Littrell, Dawn Lamphere, Barbara Kirby, Roy Tompson, Edwin Smith, Arlene Geibe, Tim Smith, Judy King, Bob Smith and Juanita Handy.


Also attending were the recent winners of our annual Christmas Decorating Contest. The following were awarded a $25.00 certificate to use at any Chamber member’s place of business:


Joan & Robert Feagles - Best Decorated Door

Grace Archibald - Religious

Carol & Louis Micklic - Contemporary

Rosaline & Hans Drews – Traditional

Karen Crouse, representing the Village of St. Johnsville - Business


The minutes of the November meeting were reviewed and accepted. Roy Tompson and MV Foods requested no hard copy of the minutes be sent to them as they now receive them by e-mail. MSC Roy Tompson/Ed Smith


Correspondence: The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce invites all to attend the 2008 Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner to be held Friday, January 25 at the Riverstone Manor in Glenville. The cost is $55 per person.


Midstate Mutual Insurance letter said that they had checked our four sites (signs, etc.) and found everything to be okay. Geibe


Gray’s Greenhouse sent an e-mail showing the colors of flowers for our Hanging Baskets that will be hung up in the spring.


Marge Curtis of the St. Johnsville High School Marching Band Department sent a thank you for our donation of $275 towards new band uniforms.


Fort Klock sent us an annual letter including this year’s agenda that we will use for our business directory. We took note that their fall craft show is the second weekend in September.


The Financial Report was given by Barbara Kirby. Our checking account balance is $1335.81; the general fund balance is $2008.58; and our sign maintenance fund balance is $1254.44 with a total of $4597.31 in all three accounts.


Review and Payment of Outstanding Bills: Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce dues - $220.00 (we are going to ask Debbie Auspelmyer to come and explain to us the benefits of being county Chamber members); Dockerty florist, flowers - $20.00; Diane Littrell, paper Frouel’s - $18.77; Margaret Reaney Library, books for children at Tree Lighting - $296.25; St. Johnsville Postmaster, stamps - $41.00. MSC Tim Smith/Ed Smith


Also approved: Tim Smith, subscription to Crafter’s Connection for Springfest - $16.00. MSC Juanita Handy/Arlene Geibe; also Tim Smith, stamps - $41.00. MSC Roy Tompson/Alan Littrell


Membership Review Update: We have about a dozen members yet to pay their dues. We have enough new member plaques for now.

Chamber Web Site Update: Ron Hezel was not present to give an update.


Old Business: The Christmas Tree Lighting & Festival of Wreaths was a success. We have some supplies left over that can be used next year. We desperately need a good portable PA system or bullhorn. We will be purchasing plain wreaths to decorate for next year at $1.25 each. We paid $2.50 for this year’s wreaths.


The 2008 Business Directory Committee will be comprised of Juanita Handy, Bob Smith and Judy King. It will go to print by April 1.


The Business Management Seminar committee will meet in January and reporting in February. Judy King and Dawn Lamphere hope to have the seminar in March.


Thank you gifts will be going to Joe and Dan Patterson for providing horse-drawn wagon rides during the Tree Lighting ceremony. Each will receive $100,00 with Joe also receiving a set of bells for his team.


The cost of the bells is $27.50 for a total of $227.50 being paid out. MSC Dawn Lamphere/Arlene Geibe


Edwin Smith gave a report on the Betterment Committee. Recommendations were given for our St. Johnsville Chamber to form committees and subcommittees to report at our monthly meetings in a detailed way on their area of expertise. Some of the committees recommended are as follows. 1) Springfest; 2) Membership - New & Renewals with Barbara Kirby, Diane Littrell, Ed Smith and Tim Smith as committee members; 3) C.L.O.W.N.S. for Community League of Working Nuisance Situations; 4) Financial with Treasurer Barbara Kirby, Roy Thompson and Dawn Lamphere; 5) Chamber Activities & Fund Raisers. The Financial Committee was the only one motioned, seconded and carried by Alan Littrell and Tim Smith. They are to have a budget ready to present at the February meeting.


Judy King commented that the Betterment Committee should attend and support changes in the village. Some of the issues are safety ones and should the village get sued, everyone would be affected. Ed agreed but wants to make sure that in our communications with the village, we maintain a working relationship. Bob Smith noted that the committee needs a copy of the public meetings of the village’s organizations to prove that that organization is viable and therefore eligible for grant monies. It was agreed that we should send a letter to the village about our committee. Dawn suggested inviting a village board member to join our committee. Ed Smith will set up a one-on-one meeting with Mayor Jim Kierzynski and Karen Crouse to express some of our concerns.


Making Hospitalization Insurance available to Chamber members was discussed. We are going to ask Lindy Sweet with Arlene Geibe’s help to call our members to see if there is enough interest to pursue getting information for presenting it to our members. Judy King will gather insurance information.


If businesses decide not to rejoin the Chamber and have a sign on the Chamber Business Sign, the sign will be taken down so present members have the opportunity to put a sign up. Membership fees are due by October 1’. If dues are received after January 1”, there will be a $10.00 late fee and the possibility of not being included in the Business Directory to take effect for the 2008-2009 Chamber year. This information will be on the new application forms. MSC Judy King/Bob Smith


The Chamber will not include information on vacant commercial properties for sale, however, real estate agencies can join the Chamber and have links to their websites.


New Business: Springfest - Tim Smith has volunteered to handle the crafters and vendors for Springfest. He’ll be mailing out applications soon.

Barbara Kirby will mail out letters to Tow Path Run sponsors by February 1st.

Steve Sammons attended our meeting to present the idea of having a Soap Box Derby during Springfest. It will be for kids 8 - 16 years old. The boxes must be homemade with no kits used. Our cost will be building materials for the ramp (approx. $200-$300) and trophies, ribbons or gift certificates. Will there be an entry fee? Steve will flesh out the details. We are definitely interested, maybe call it “Spring Box Derby”. The Bath Tub Race will still take place. MSC Dawn Lamphere/Roy Thompson

The meeting was adjourned. MSC Bob Smith/Roy Thompson

Respectfully Submitted, Juanita Handy

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 13 @ 6:30 p.m. At the Community House


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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - February 13, 2008

 Vice-president Dawn Lamphere called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m..


Those members in attendance were Dawn Lamphere, Barbara Kirby, Judy King, Ron Hezel, Edwin Smith, John Geesler, Lindy Sweet and Juanita Handy. Also present was Eileen Sammons for her husband, Steve.


The minutes of the January meeting were reviewed and accepted. MSC Ed Smith/ Barbara Kirby Correspondence: George Amadore sent a communication of a property cap petition drive.


Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce is holding a Business After Hours meeting for 2008 members on Thursday, February 28.


Carol Smalley sent a picture postcard announcing she has photographs for sale of the surrounding area. Go to

We received notice of continuing education at FMCC.

Diane has finished Navy Band business from last fall when they were here. The Palatine Settlement sent us their calendar of events.


Tim Smith has resigned from all Chamber of Commerce committees. The resignation was accepted with regret. MSC Dawn Lamphere/Lindy Sweet


Bob Smith has resigned from all Chamber of Commerce committees and activities except CLOWNS. The resignation was accepted. MSC Dawn Lamphere/Juanita Handy


The financial report was given by Barbara Kirby. Our checking account balance is $644.04; the general fund savings account balance is $2008.58; and our sign maintenance savings account is$1254.44 with a total of $3907.06 in all three accounts.

Review and Payment of Outstanding Bills: Roll of stamps and envelopes for Tow Path Sponsor letters -$47.48. MSC Dawn Lamphere/Ed Smith


Web Site Update: Ron Hezel reported that we receive an average of 331 hits/day. Updated materials have been given to him, however, Front Page Extensions on our web site is not supported anymore and will be discontinued on February 28. Ron is working hard at setting up the site with a new program so be patient as you might see our web page in a transitional phase.


Old Business: Eileen Sammons reported that the Spring “Soap” Box Derby will be held Saturday, May 10 at 10 a.m. St. Johnsville, Fort Plain and Canajoharie Schools will be invited to participate. Our local Boy Scouts have already been notified. Application forms can be gotten at the Library, Burkdorf Lumber, the Community House, and Stewarts during their business hours. Deadline for registration is May 1, 2008. The race is for children ages 8-16 and there is and entry fee of $5. Steve Sammons will get the prizes.


Ed Smith gave a Membership Committee Update. They would like to see membership renewal of 60 plus 10 more for 2009. Benefits include web site exposure, inclusion in our business directory and medical services offering.


Barbara Kirby will get membership pages along with churches to Judy King and Juanita Handy to put into the 2008 Business Directory.


Judy King, Carolyn Williams and Dawn Lamphere were unable to meet about the Business management Seminar. The time is yet to be announced.


The Tow Path Sponsor letters have been mailed out and 20 have responded so far. Roger Weaver is being contacted to have the sponsors listed alphabetically on the T-shirts.


Crafters applications are about ready to be mailed. We need someone to be the contact person for set-up at the start of Springfest. The applications will be sent to the Chambers mailing address.


Juanita Handy is working on the Chamber Springfest flyer and must have it done by March 15 to be included in the Montgomery County COC newsletter.


The budget committee report was given by Dawn Lamphere. Presented was a draft that basically took into account our many activities showing approximately where we made money and where we spend it. Using last year’s financial report and conservatively projecting moneys being raised, we will be short on finances.


Judy King presented two Health Insurance plans. With one, you don’t need to own a business to take part and the second was for businesses only. Both are quarterly pricing and can be part of Chamber offering to members. Because the information is individualized, it is best to present plans to each person individually. Chamber members are eligible and i f interested, see Judy King. MSC Ed Smith/Lindy Sweet


Ed Smith gave the CLOWNS committee report. The committee met with Mayor Kierzinski and Karen Crouse and feel that we have mutual goals. A thank you will be sent to them for taking time to meet with us.

Lindy Sweet reported that the Mary Rackmyer and Mark Rice of the Urban Renewal committee are very interested in the COC managing a farmer’s market on the first 4 acres of the industrial park. At a March 4 meeting they hope to come with building plans, code information and grant info from County planners.


Ed Smith would like the Chamber to issue the village letter supporting a six month renewal of a moratorium for the business district prohibiting apartment use on the first floor so that local laws can be established to prevent this from occurring. MSC Lindy Sweet/Barbara Kirby


The CLOWN committee feels that the Code Officer’s hands are tied and if codes are not enforced, then other businesses in the village are affected. We are looking for solutions to this problem.


Dawn Lamphere will speak to Chris Weaver about new street signs to which we have money dedicated.


We need a new name for the CLOWNS (Community League of Working Nuisance Situations) as the acronym doesn’t carry respect for the Chamber they represent nor the work they do. Later, Ron Hezel mentioned being known as the 46ers to acknowledge our 46th position in the nation as a desirable place to raise a family when Ed Smith mentioned utilizing our web site to bring local organizations to the forefront.


New Business: It was noted that the Betterment Committee (46ers) and the Financial Committee are the only ones motioned, seconded and carried. A Membership Committee is now established. MSC Ed Smith/Lindy Sweet


We have faxed our spring and summer events to the Montgomery County COC and the Mohawk Valley Heritage Corridor for their events calendar.


Springfest Activities: The crafters are being sent applications.


The Masons will sponsor the carnival and provide publicity.


Lori will be contacted with our concerns about where the registration money go for the pageant. We would like to get more local girls involved and we need someone to groom them. (Perhaps Jen Smith?) We would like to rename the winner “Miss St. Johnsville” and have her appear at different Chamber functions such as openings, etc.


Chief Stack will be contacted about the bike rodeo.


The Fire Department will be asked about setting up for the parade.


Lindy Sweet is getting flyers out about the bathtub race (Juanita is to have flyers ready by end of February) and is asking the Mohawk Valley Rotary to provide prizes for the race. MSC Lindy Sweet/Ed Smith


Ed Smith, and others members as they are able, will represent us at Montgomery County COC meetings and events.


Dawn Lamphere noted that in the February 6 issue of the Courier-Standard article that it was the Sesquicentennial Committee had the sign fixed, not the Chamber.


Lindy Sweet handed out copies of Cobleskill’s Downtown Audit that explains the steps necessary to take for downtown improvement, perhaps we can learn something here that we can apply to our own village.


Ron Hezel received an e-mail with a question about Springfest and Tow Path Run.


Respectfully Submitted, Juanita Handy

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 12 @ 6:30 p.m. At the Community House

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - March 12, 2008


President Diane Littrell called the meeting to order at 6:35.


The members in attendance were Diane Littrell, Dawn Lamphere, Sandy Lane, Lindy Sweet, Barbara Kirby, Ed Smith, John Geesler, Roy Tompson and Juanita Handy.


The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed. Correction was made that it was George Souza of the Urban Renewal Committee instead of Mark Rice. MSC Dawn Lamphere/Ed Smith


Correspondence: The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Tourism Department sent information of events that are going on in the county.


The County COC are collecting old cell phones to recycle for senior citizen 911 emergency use only. The Office for the Aging inquired if we would like to place an ad in their book.


Debbie Auspelmyer of the County COC wrote that the Scholarship is available to all Montgomery County students. You do not need to be a Chamber member to apply for the $500/year scholarship. The information will be taken to the High School.


The Financial Freedom Literacy Program held a meeting in Amsterdam to help people live within their means.


We received an "Employee of the Year" application. Applicant must be a County COC member.


We received information on Governor Tourism Conference May 14-16 at the Sagamore, Lake George


The financial report was given by Barbara Kirby. Our checking account balance is $1450.56; the general fund savings account balance is $2008.58; and the sign maintenance savings account balance is $1230.35. The total balance in the three accounts is $4689.49. We have changed types of accounts so we need a $750 balance instead of $2500. Penalty is now $1/month instead of $3/month.


Review and Payment of Outstanding Bills: Reams of paper for Springfest Flyer to Diane Littrell - $33.54. MSC Sandy Lane/Roy Tompson


There was no Web Site Update this month.


Old Business: Spring Box Derby applications are available at Burkdorf s Lumber, NBT Bank, Community House, Stewart's and the Reaney Library.


The Membership Committee reported that there is nothing new. Randy Brown has yet to send in his dues and St. Johnsville Liquor is closing.


Judy King, Barbara Kirby and Juanita Handy are working on the 2008 business Directory. It needs to be sent to the printer by April 1 for May 1 distribution.


The Business Management Seminar is coming along. They are looking into holding it here at the Community House.


The Towpath Run Sponsor letters are mailed and Barbara Kirby says responses are coming in.


Crafter applications for Springfest are mailed. Char Chaffin is chairwoman with Larry Sweet as co-chair. The nursing home is sending volunteers to help. The Pennysaver is being called to advertise for crafters and vendors.


The Bathtub Race posters are done and being distributed. The race will be judged.


On the Springfest Pageant, Lori reports that entrance fees go to the Miss Mohawk Valley Scholarship Program. We will not have a pageant this year. MSC Juanita Handy/Barbara Kirby


The Chicken Barbecue will be the same price as last year - $7.50 advance sale and $8.00 at the door. The tickets will be ready by the April meeting.


The Chamber Flyer for Springfest has to be done by March 17 so it can go into the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Newsletter.


The Budget Committee Report was put on hold due to illness.


The 46th Committee Reported that the hospitalization form has been signed, contact Judy King if interested. A question was asked as to how too notify members and it was decided that Judy can email the information about the insurances to interested members.


Lindy gave an update on the Farmer's Market proposal. They met with Urban Renewal and presented a sketch of the building and shared information on different grants available, etc. If we receive the go-ahead, we will need a board of directors to handle the market. This will be addressed at the next meeting. Bill Hisert reported that the Amish would build the structure that would have room for 50 vendors.


Ed Smith reported that the Planning Board has invited Mark Rice to their next meeting to share info about monies available to businesses, etc. in St. Johnsville.


A letter from Karen Crouse, Village Clerk about minutes of Village meetings. Ed Smith suggested sending a letter signed by him to the village stressing the importance of completed minutes being needed to be able to apply for grants. A carbon copy will also sent to the Labarge Group. MSC Ed Smith/ John Geesler


The village codes enforcer is doing a follow-up on snow removal. Chris Weaver has quotes for the street sign project. Also the village did extend the moratorium for the business district prohibiting apartment use on the first floor.


Because our incorporation did not go into effect until after the fiscal year started, our IRS 990-N filing is not due until February 15, 2009.


Chief Stack will do Jail & Bail for Springfest but not the Bike Rodeo.


Twenty-one hanging baskets are in the making. We will ask Jack Carter if the baskets can be lowered on the poles.


New Business: Bill Van Gorder of Mang Insurance will attend the April Meeting in regards to insurance at $3.60 per member.


It was decided not to have a sign on the Chamber Business Sign saying, "This space available." at a cost of $30.00 per sign.


We will be naming our own Chamber Grand Marshals for the parade. Diane suggested to honor Jim & Joan Conboy and Drs. Sodhi for their work in our community. Other suggestions can be presented at the April meeting. Besides riding in the parade, they will be invited to our annual dinner.


Larry & Lindy Sweet, Dawn Lamphere, Judy King, and Alan & Diane Littrell attended the Business after Hours meeting held at the Econo-Lodge, Fultonville. They had a great time mingling with other business owners.


We cannot apply for the Visitor's Center Grant as our Chamber is incorporated as 50106 and the grant is for 501 C3 incorporation.


Adjournment was made. MSC Ed Smith/John Geesler

Respectfully submitted, Juanita Handy

Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 9 @ 6:30 p.m. At the Community House



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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - April I I, 2008

 President Diane Littrell called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.


Those members in attendance were Alan and Diane Littrell, Tim Smith, Barbara Kirby, Dawn Capece, Roy Tompson, Lindy Sweet, Wayne Burkdorf, John Geesler, Walter and Sandy Lane, and Juanita Handy. March Minutes were reviewed and accepted. MSC Tim Smith/John Geesler


Correspondence: Montgomery County Reality Check wants to come to our Springfest to present an anti-tobacco-smoking program for teens.


Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce will again be hosting a brochure exchange in May and we will be taking part in it.


Financial Report: Barbara Kirby presented the financial report. We have a total balance of $7,178.07. Several bills presented for payment are as follows: Pennysaver for Springfest ads - $32; C.H. Burkdorf & Son for for copper post caps for Business Sign - $43.18; Juanita Handy for envelopes -$2.83; Diane Burkdorf for paper for Springfest fliers - $36.61; Sherry Keough for bouquet for Godfather’s Bar & Grill - $20.00; Commercial Travelers for insurance - $760.75. MSC Tim Smith Sandy Lane


Barbara Kirby later brought up the purchase of the yearly membership tags and 75 tags at $150 for one year only was approved. MSC Dawn Capece/Tim Smith


Heritage Bed & Breakfast became members.


Web Site Update: Ron Hezel is at home recuperating from surgery. We wish him the best and a speedy recovery.


Old Business: Adoption of new St. Johnsville Chamber of Commerce By-laws. President Diane Littrell opened the floor for discussion on the proposed new by-laws. Diane addressed the issue of “dues” versus “fees” and reported that the dictionary definition was the same. A motion was made to rescind the old by-laws. MSC Alan Littrell/Roy Tompson


A new motion was made to adopt the new St. Johnsville Chamber of Commerce By-laws. MSC Alan Littrell/Tim Smith.


The monies will be given to the Little League for the painting of the Chamber Sign for the Little League field when we hear from them as to when our sign will be painted.


Progress is being made on the Chamber T-shirts. Roy Tompson reports that there will be gold lettering circling hands shaking if the original logo is not available. The cost per shirt will be $20-$22 with or without a breast pocket. MSC Roy Tompson/Sandy Lane


The Chamber Business Sign has 3 spaces still available.


Judy King and Juanita Handy are making progress on the 2007 Business Directory and will have it into Bob Davis in time for the April 30th printing deadline.


The Chicken Barbecue tickets are ready to sell. We need more items for takeouts and Diane will be making a run to BJ’s Wholesale Club for necessary items. Stewarts will again be donating milk. Meals on Wheels will bake the potatoes that we are purchasing from Licari’s. Juanita will provide a large thermos for the lemonade. We need cupcake bakers and helpers to fill the coleslaw containers. We need others to wash and wrap potatoes for baking.


Tim Smith is now collecting donations for the Chinese Auction that will take place during the Chicken Barbecue. You can drop off items at Country Treasures.


John Geesler reported that things are coming together for the Towpath Run. The trail has changed due to trail conditions as a result of the 2006 Flood. Mike Settle will oversee kids helping with water. The water people will be transported to their positions. We will have a 3.1 mile turn around person, a 1 mile turn around person and a time caller at the finish line. Dawn Capece and. Barbara Kirby will handle registration. We need fruit and drinks including coffee for the runners. John is calling Crowfoot for trophies.


The Chamber float for the parade will be pulled by horses provided by Dan Patterson. The float will be a “canal boat” with a banner “from Frontier to Main Street” on the side. We are looking for members to ride on the float and sing canal songs. Please contact Roy Tompson at 568-5280 if you’re interested.


The Springfest banner has been changed to a blue background, hot pink for St. Johnsville and yellow for Springfest with balloons on the sides instead of flowers. Hopefully it will be ready by May 1.


Barbara Kirby will look into borrowing convertibles for the parade. Assemblyman Paul Tonko will be in the parade. We have not yet heard from Senator Hugh Farley. Also in the parade will be the village officials and this year’s St. Johnsville honorees. The DAR, Brown Cow with Montgomery County Dairy Princess, winners of the Miss Springfest Pageant run by the Miss Mohawk Valley officials and Miss New York. The village will be providing refreshments. Juanita will make certificates of appreciation for participants in the parade.


The flyer for the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce newsletter is done!


Besides the parade, other Springfest activities include the bath tub race, jail & bail (see Diane Littrell for sponsor certificates), the Valley Choralaires Concert and the Miss Springfest pageant.


New Business: Lindy Sweet gave a report on a meeting she attended about the bike path. She talked about how bikers will be more inclined to stop at a village if 1) they know what is offered there, 2) there are bike racks at different locations they can chain their bikes to for safe keeping and 3) there is someplace they can get their bikes fixed.


We hope to purchase new street signs or bike racks (or both if enough money is raised) from the Jail & Bail money.


The Chamber sign maintenance bills are ready to be mailed.


Our insurance policy has been renewed with an $8.00 increase. Bill Mang will be at our June meeting to go over the policy with us.


We need workers for Springfest activities - HELP!

Adjournment was made. Tim Smith/Sandy Lane

Respectfully Submitted, Juanita Handy


Next Meeting: Wed. May 9 @ 6:30 P.M. At the Community House

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - May 14, 2008


President Diane Littrell called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.


Those members in attendance were Alan & Diane Littrell, Larry & Lindy Sweet, Judy King, Tim Smith, Bob Smith, Arlene Geibe, Ron Dygert, John Geesler, Barbara Kirby, Dawn Lamphere and Juanita Handy.


The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and accepted. MSC Arlene Geibe/Judy King


Correspondence: We received a nice thank you note from Joan Conboy for recognizing them as Grand Marshalls for our Springfest Parade.


The financial report was given by Barbara Kirby. Our checking account balance is $2269; Our general savings account balance is $2010.68; and the sign maintenance savings account is $1230.72 with a total balance in all three accounts of $5510.98. MSC Alan Littrell/Bob Smith


Review and Payment of Outstanding Bills: The Lettering Company for updating banner - $30; John Geesler for Towpath expenses - $76.32; The Locker Room for sponsor T-shirts - $867.50; Dawn Lamphere for coffee - $8.58. MSC Tim Smith/Judy King


Membership Review Update: Ron Dygert of "Say It With Signs" became a new member. His official start date is September, 2008 so he isn't paying $65 dues for only a few months membership before having to renew again in September.


Old Business: The 2008 Business Directory is finished and being handed out. For copies see Diane at Burkdorf Lumber and Barbara Kirby.


2008 Springfest - New Ideas & Constructive Criticism: Tim Smith suggested that we start Springfest on Thursday and end on Saturday as Sunday seems to not have much participation. MSC Tim Smith/Dawn Lamphere


The Chicken barbecue grossed $3018.57; the 50/50 raffle raised $93; vendor and crafter fees garnered $1,055; the 88 Towpath run entries another $952; Towpath sponsors gave $2040. Overall a profitable weekend.


It was decided to sell tickets for the chicken barbecue only at the door next year - no more presold tickets - as we disappointed many people who had purchased tickets and we had to reimburse their money.


Many agree that blocking off the Park Place parking lot for the vendors and crafters was good.


Overall, most of the vendors and crafters were very happy. Since the Chamber received a few complaints about the location of the carnival, perhaps a couple of signs at each end of the carnival saying "Sponsored by the Mason" would be useful. Dawn suggested that we support the Masons with the carnival, what they need is a better location. What about Failing's lot? It was noted that crafters and vendors do not like to be intermingled, yet they like to be together and not spread out.


It was suggested that for advertising, we put up Burma Shave type signs on the 4 main roads leading into the village starting about a mile out. We need a promotional committee for next year's Springfest.


The Chamber Business Sign maintenance statements are mailed out. We have received 11 back so far.


Dawn Lamphere and Lindy Sweet will look into getting the welcome packets going again.


For the 46th Committee, Judy King reported the health insurance committee met with Kelly Pinney of Mang Insurance. They were able to put together offerings for good coverage with good premiums. There will be a nice selection of companies and prices ranging $175/mo. - $329/mo for an individual and $500/mo. - $800/mo. For family coverage. Mang will put it together for us with a 5% override. We will offer these insurances through a desk Lease agreement. It will earn us about $200 per quarter. MSC Alan Littrell/Dawn Lamphere A letter about the health insurance offerings will be sent to all Chamber members and posted on the Web site. We hope to start the membership drive in July.


Farmer's market: There is a big concern that the location of the Farmer's Market is near the WWTP at the Marina. Roy Thomson is drawing up plans for the building so we can get a cost estimate. We need fund raising ideas since grants may not be possible due to the time frame and matching dollars. Diane mentioned her concerns regarding the planned building as it may hurt our local organizations, such as the Benefit Club, American Legion, Community House and churches, who depend on renting their buildings out for various activities. Tim also raised his concern that the market may hurt our few businesses we now have in the village. Others think that a farmer's market would bring people into the village who would also shop at present businesses. Arlene commented that businesses attract other businesses. Many would like to see it in our business district and not at the Marina.


What the farmer's market committee needs to know is, is the Chamber behind this project? The St. Johnsville Chamber of Commerce supports the concept of the Farmer's Market. MSC Tim Smith/Dawn Lamphere


New Business: We'll ask Cecily Myers if she would please update our walking map for 2008 since she did such a nice job on the last one. The maps are available at the Marina, Library and Village Office.


The Chamber of Commerce will again hold an ice cream social during the Monday night when the Marina Concert series hosts the Son Mountain Fiddler. Volunteers include Roy Thompson, Art Adams, Lisa V. and Rebecca (Nursing Home), Mark & Cathy Rice, Karen Jones and Juanita Handy.


We need help with watering the hanging baskets during weekends. We have a real nice new waterier to help with the process. Dawn volunteered to do Sundays so we need a volunteer(s) for Saturdays.


Dawn Lamphere has graciously agreed to tend to the Village Sign flowers on the east end of the village. September fest will be here before we know it. Some new ideas to supplement to garage sales are to hold another soap box derby and sell barbecued chicken halves in a bag. If you have any ideas, let us know.


Adjournment was made. MSC Tim Smith /John Geesler


Respectfully Submitted, Juanita Handy


Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 10 @ 6:30 p.m. At the Community House

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - August 13, 2008

President Diane Littrell called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

Those members in attendance were Alan and Diane Littrell, Barbara Kirby, Carolyn Williams, Dawn Lamphere, Edwin Smith, Ron Hezel, Arlene Geibe, Ron Dygert, Judy King and Juanita Handy.

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and accepted. MSC Carolyn Williams/Juanita Handy

Correspondence: We received a nice thank you from scholarship recipient Travis Dygert.
R & Waite, Inc. of Johnstown sent an informational letter about their financial services available.
Ed Smith sent a letter of resignation as chairman of the Membership Committee. It was accepted.  Ed will continue to be active on the committee.
Bob Smith of the Sesquicentennial Committee sent information on the parade and its line-up.
The financial report was given by Barbara Kirby.  For June our Checking Account balance was $2112.97; General Savings Account was $2012.18 and the Sign Maintenance Savings Account balance was $1656.75.

For July, the Checking Account balance was $165.96 ( The street signs were $1993.02); the General Savings Account was $2012.18; and the Sign Maintenance Savings Account was $1856.75. The total balance in all three accounts is $4034.89.

Review and Payment of Outstanding Bills: Barbara Kirby, refreshments and supplies for Erie Canal Bikers - $81.82; Dawn Lamphere, street signs - $200.00; Juanita Handy, postage stamps - $42.00.  MSC Ron Hezel Carolyn Williams

Website Update:  Ron Hezel reported that during July there were 12,124 page views.  Some bad links were found and corrected.  The site is all up to date with material provided.  Ron is willing to put our COC by-laws on the site along with the St. Johnsville walking map and our brochure.

Old Business:  The Village street signs have arrived, been paid for and are now up.
All Chamber Business Sign Maintenance fees are paid.  Tim Smith will remove one sign and move others around to balance it out.

Thanks to Cecily Myers, the Walking Maps are now available at the Library, Marina and Village office.

Juanita Handy reported that the Brownie Sundae Sale  at the Marina on July 21 was a success.  We made $191.01.
Barbara Kirby reported that 35 states and 3 countries were represented at the Erie Canal Bike ride.  All said that St. Johnsville offers the best stop with our offerings that include coffee.  We had to buy our pastries because she was unable to contact Friehofer’s manager.  We are willing to host the event again next year provided we receive a 2 week notice of the date rather than 2 days so were can get supplies donated.

The Membership Committee will meet to elect a new chairperson.  Currently Barbara Kirby, Diane Littrell, Ed Smith and Tim Smith comprise the committee.  Diane suggested and it was accepted that we send a separate letter and application to area non-member businesses informing them of our health insurance offerings and inviting them to join our Chamber.

Some 46th Committee members have been seen early Monday mornings cleaning area streets.  Ed Smith reported that the water bills will have a letter included with pertinent village information including village office hours, village officers, etc.  Ron Hezel will put the information on our web site.

As for the Farmer’s Market, the Village Board is preparing a lease to see if it’s a go.

Judy King reported that a letter is being prepared regarding our insurance to go out with the membership applications.  The delay in presenting it to our members was because NBT bought out Mang Insurance.  Kelly Pinney has been replaced by another representative.  The representative will start calling businesses 2-3 weeks after the letter goes out.  Later there will be a press release. 

Septemberfest is scheduled for the first weekend in September with village and town-wide garage sales.  The Chicken Barbecue Halves Only is set for Friday, September 5 at 4 p.m. located at the lot next to the American Legion.  Our costs are $3.85/chicken half and $.05/bag; we are charging $5.50.  We have ordered 400 chicken halves.  We need 2 servers.  Barbara will handle ticket sales.  There will not be any advance ticket sales.

The Chamber Swing Sign has arrived and ready to advertise!

The Chamber float is ready to be in St. Johnsville’s Sesquicentennial parade on August 23.

Requests were sent out to the Masons, Lombardo’s and Beardslee’s to host our Annual Dinner Meeting.  Lombardo’s Pizzeria Plus was the only one to respond.  It is set for Monday, September 29 at 6:00 p.m.  Call Barbara Kirby for reservations at 673-2101.  A meal featuring Baked Ham and Stuffed Chicken served buffet style was selected for $17.55 including tip.  Dr. & Mrs. Sodhi and Mr. & Mrs. Conboy are be invited.  Arlene Geibe will make name tags.  Our Guest Speaker will be our own Dawn Lamphere.  MSC Barbara Kirby/Juanita Handy  Membership fees are due at this time.

Changes to the membership application have been approved.  MSC Dawn Lamphere/Carolyn Williams

We need new Chamber Membership Plaques.  Ron Dygert has designed one at the cost of $8.00/ plaque.  MSC Dawn Lamphere/Alan Littrell

New Business: According to our by-laws, the president and treasurer are to draw up a proposed budget for the following year.  Diane and Barbara worked on one and presented it at the meeting.  After viewing it, it was noted that a couple of items were not listed as there was a misunderstanding as to exactly what the proposed budget was to encompass.  Changes will be made and the budget will be presented at a later meeting.

The Christmas Tree Lighting will take place on December 7 this year and we will again do the Festival of Wreaths.

Diane suggested that we hand out certificates of appreciation.  These will be postcard size certificates that Chamber members can have on hand to hand out to anyone they see doing an act of kindness.  It can be picking up litter, helping someone across a street or any other nice act.  Juanita will make them up, Dawn will provide the card stock.

Adjournment was made.  MSC Alan Littrell/Ron Hezel

Respectfully Submitted,

Juanita Handy

Next Meeting:  Annual Dinner Meeting at Lombardo’s on
Monday, Sept. 29 at 6:00 p.m.
Call Barbara Kirby at 673-2101 to RSVP by Sept. 15

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Minutes of Annual Dinner Meeting - September 29, 2008

The meeting was held at Lombardo’s Pizzeria Plus.  President Diane Littrell called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. She then introduced our honored guests Drs. Ranbir & Santosh Sodhi along with Attorney James Conboy and wife Joan.  Lindy Sweet asked the Lord’s blessing on the meal and meeting.  Members  enjoyed a nice buffet dinner.

After the meal, members introduced themselves along with their guest and stated the name of their business.

Minutes: Upon reviewing the minutes from the August meeting, Juanita pointed out that a correction needed making in that it was decided by a show of hands not to any longer extend a free second year membership to new first-time members as we are now offering incentives that over-ride that enticement.  The minutes were then accepted.  MSC Tim Smith/Alan Littrell

Correspondence: Anita Smith wrote saying that a book of St. Johnsville’s Sesquicentennial is now available for $25.00. 

The financial report was given by Barbara Kirby.  The balance in our Checking account is $1107.11; in out General Savings account we have $1012.18; and our Sign Maintenance Savings account has $1857.67 for a total of $3976.96 in all three accounts.  Review and Payment of Outstanding Bills:  Say It With Signs for 2009 membership tabs - $37.50; Barbara Kirby for door prize - $4.95; Lombardo’s Pizzeria Plus for annual dinner - $785.51  MSC Carolyn Williams/Ron Hezel

The website update was given by Ron Hezel.  All renewals received so far are up to date on the website.  Please check your site and email Ron corrections and changes.  In August there were 1,775 hits.  On September 9 there were 676 hits. carries the same information and had 374 hits for September.  Where do these hits come from?  Google - 45%; Yahoo - 20%; Microsoft - 6% with other providers - 29%.  Ron can tell what sites receive the most hits and other facts for your advertising information.

Judy King asked representative of Mang Insurance to give a report about their health plan.  As you know, an information fact sheet was sent out with the August minutes for you to view.  Within a couple of weeks, a representative will be calling to speak with you about health insurance.  Their motto is “Big Company Benefits for Small Businesses”.

A special thanks to all who helped this year including the Village DPW crew for all their work, Jacque Carter and Chamber members for watering plants, the St. Johnsville Police Department for having Jail ‘n Bail and helping with our parade, and all the Chamber members who helped with various activities.

We are looking for someone to head up the Festival of Wreaths.  The wreaths are due by November 10 and can be turned in at the Library or Burkdorf’s Lumber.  Discussion on use of the proceeds from the auction was tabled until the October meeting.

At Diane Littrell’s suggestion and the Chamber’s approval, Arlene Geibe and Juanita Handy made up Certificates of Appreciation.  These postcard size certificates are to be given to individuals who are “caught in an act of kindness“.  These acts can be anything from helping someone across the road to picking up litter as they walk the street to encouraging words spoken.  Juanita handed out certificates at the end of the meeting and has more available to those who would like them.

The remainder of 2008 Chamber events are the Christmas Tree Lighting and the Festival of Wreaths.  Plans will be discussed at future meetings.

The highlight of the evening was our Guest Speaker, Dawn Lamphere, Director of Margaret Reaney Memorial Library.  First she shared a story with us about the unhappy prince and true joy coming from friendships.  She then told us about a few of the activities the library hosts including a couple of humorous situations that took place.  Thank you, Dawn, for a fine presentation. 

Adjournment was made.  MSC Ron Hezel/Alan Littrell

Respectfully submitted,

Juanita Handy

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - October 8, 2008


President Diane Littrell called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.

Those in attendance were Diane and Alan Littrell, Barbara Kirby, Dawn Lamphere, Lindy Sweet, Arlene Geibe, Ed Smith and Tim Smith.

September minutes were reviewed and accepted.  MSC Alan Littrell/Tim Smith

Correspondence: The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce now has a resource guide available.

We received a letter of resignation from Don Chaffin as his situation has changed.

 Palatine Settlement sent us a copy of their newsletter.

The Montgomery COC sent a letter and invitation to attend their dinner honoring Tourism Award Nominations.  Our own Dawn Lamphere is a nominee as director of the Reaney Memorial Library.  The dinner will be held at the Crystal Restaurant on October 27, 2008 starting at 6:30.  The cost is $30.

Hilltop Paintball on River Road announced they have become a member of the Chamber and invite people to come for a time of stress relief and enjoyment.  They can be reached at

SAVAC are holding their annual fund drive and chicken barbecue.  We are donating $25.00.  MSC Lindy Sweet/Dawn Lamphere

The New York Canal has requested a listing of upcoming events.
Review of Financial Report:  Barbara Kirby presented to report at the annual dinner which has not been changed.

Review and Payment of Outstanding Bills: To Say It With Signs for membership tags - $37.50;  Lombardo’s Pizzeria for annual dinner - $785.51; received for guests who attended dinner - $175.50;  Dockerty Florist for bouquet for new café - $20.00;  Lindy Sweet for envelopes and stamps for Farmer’s Market - $24.21.  MSC Alan Littrell/Tim Smith

Old Business: Membership Committee: We received $1755 in membership dues for 30 renewals plus 5 more including PDN Enterprises, the Masonic Temple, Arcadian Stove & Gifts, and Say It With Signs.  If you have not done so, please renew your Chamber membership now.  Of the 28 letters sent out to area businesses, there has not been one reply yet.

The 46th Committee reported their original project has been wrapped up.  Let them know if there is any way they can better serve the community.  They are still attending village meetings.  There is still a problem with cat litter in bags and the odor coming from them.  Is this a health issue?

Work is still being done on the Farmer’s Market.

Judy King reported for the Insurance Committee.  Letters and information were sent to members along with the annual dinner invitation last month.  People are now being contacted.  We need an article in the paper announcing the availability of heath insurance to Chamber members.

The Festival of Wreaths is being headed up by Diane Littrell.  Forty wreaths have gone out so far with more available.  If you have a decorated wreath, you can take it to either Burkdorf’s Lumber or the Library by November 10.  We will hold the auction of the wreaths separately from the Christmas Tree Lighting with a Chili Supper put on by the Benefit Club.  It will be held at the Community House on Friday, December 5 and will consist of chili, salad, and dessert.  Proceeds from the meal will go to the Benefit Club with the Chamber retaining monies realized from the sale of the wreaths for Chamber projects.  Donations will also be accepted.  MSC Alan Littrell/Tim Smith

Juanita Handy is heading up the Christmas Tree Lighting program slated for December 7.  Dawn will talk to Chris Weaver and Denise LaCoppola about the tree.  Tim Smith will be in charge of the bon fire.  Arlene Geibe will do odds and ends.  We will again be handing out candy and books to the children.  The caroling books and candles are at the Community House.  

New Business: On October 6 members came together to welcome the Goodie Basket Café on Main Street at their ribbon cutting.  (It was reported that they have nice hot cross buns.)

Dawn Lamphere has been nominated for the Tourism Award.  We will pay $60.00 for Dawn and Diane to attend the dinner at the Crystal Restaurant.

Judy Hezel and Sally Thomson will be asked to choose the color(s) for our village’s hanging baskets.  The decision needs to be made by November 30.

Art and Sue Adams of Hazelnut Bed & Breakfast have offered to hold a Business After Hours meeting at their home.  Rather than hold a regular Chamber meeting there, perhaps they would hold an open house and have a social hour.

Tim Smith reminded us that now is the time to update letters to crafters.  They should be mailed by December.  Diane has the letter and labels.

Tim Smith brought up a request to purchase a cooler to use during our different fund raisers.  Recently Lowe’s has had great deals on these items.  Tim has been given permission to purchase a cooler if he can get a cool deal.  MSC Dawn Lamphere/Juanita Handy

We have decided to give the American Legion free membership dues in appreciation of the free use of their facilities for the past couple of years.  MSC

Tim Smith/Barbara Kirby  It was also noted that the trim on their building needs painting.  Maybe there is a way we could help the Legion out with this.
Adjournment was made.  The next meeting will have treats provided by Mohawk Valley Foods.  MSC Barbara Kirby/Tim Smith

Respectfully Submitted,

Juanita Handy

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 12
at the Community House

Please remember:


1) to take finished wreaths to either the library or Burkdorf’s Lumber by November 10
2) to send in your annual dues with your renewal.

Thank You!  

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - November 12, 2008


President Diane Littrell called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

Those in attendance were Alan and Diane Littrell, Dawn Lamphere, Ed Smith, Arlene Geibe, Barbara Kirby, Lindy Sweet, Ron Hezel and Juanita Handy.

October minutes were reviewed and accepted. MSC Alan Littrell/Barbara Kirby

Correspondence:  For tourism, Tracy Montoni has programs and grant opportunities.

The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce are offering a chance to receive $25 for recommendations to others to become members.

The New York World Tourism Conference is being held in Batavia, NY.  Register by January 5, 2009.   There will be a grant administration and application workshop by NY Main Street Program.

The 4th Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner held in honor of Kathy M. Flanders and held at the Benefit Club are in need of turkeys.

NBT Bank in Canajoharie will hold a Holiday spectacular on December 4, 2008 from 5-6 p.m.
The financial report was given by Barbara Kirby.

Review of Financial Report: Barbara Kirby reported our banking balances as of the end of October as follows: Checking account - $2885.44; General Savings Account - $1013.30; Sign maintenance Savings Account - $1878.13 with a Total Balance in all three accounts - $5776.87.

Review and Payment of Outstanding Bills: Robert Smith - $100 for Tri-Village brochure; Diane Littrell - $7.29 for green copy paper for posters; Juanita Handy - $42 for stamps. MSC Dawn Lamphere/Lindy Sweet

Fort Klock Presentation: Glen Lundy, Treasurer of Saratoga Anniversary Committee, Inc. spoke about the re-enactment to be held at Fort Klock on September 25-27 commemorating the Burning of the Valley.  It is going to cost about $5,000 to put on the re-enactment so they are seeking corporate donations.  This provides for advertisement as well as members visiting local schools presenting games, crafts, music, and life of a soldier.  We gave them a copy of our business directory as well as a $100 donation. MSC Alan Littrell/Ron Hezel

Web Site Update: Ron Hezel reported that the popular pages received 121,123 views for the year at the two sites. Most people used Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc to gain access to our site. Ron is updating and adding more info on the website, especially during the cold weather so sent in your new information.

Old Business: The Membership Committee Reported that we have 42 renewals and 4 new members.

Judy King reported for the Insurance Committee that we have finished our job and it is in the hands of Mang Insurance now.

Hazelnut B&B wants to host a business meeting at their establishment. Perhaps we can meet there either February or March.

Tim Smith will be sending out the Springfest Crafter applications right along.

The Festival of Wreaths and Chili Supper will be held Friday at 4:30 p.m. on December 5 at the Community House.  The brochures are made and are being handed out along with the raffle tickets.

For the Christmas Tree Lighting it was reported that Helen Walrath has given permission to tag a tree for cutting.  Alan and Roy will pick it out.  Chris Weaver will get the tree for us. Joe Patterson will be Santa again this year.  Tim Smith will handle the bon fire.  Dean Countryman of the Fire Department must be contacted.  Lindy sweet has contacted several women to bake cookies.  Juanita is checking into borrowing a PA system.  Arlene Geibe is donating candy to be handed out to the children.  Dawn Lamphere will buy 150 books at the Christmas Tree Shop at$1.69-$2.00 each.  She will need the tax exempt number from the village. MSC Juanita Handy/Ron Hezel

A motion was made to pay bills for the Christmas Tree Lighting be paid as they come in during November and December. MSC Dawn Lamphere/Alan Littrell

The Fort Plain Museum won the Tourism Award, not our Dawn, though she and Diane enjoyed the meeting.

The 46th Committee Reported by Ed Smith that the Farmer’s Market is on hold awaiting word on the lease.

The color of the hanging baskets is to be chosen this month.

Tim Smith was unable to attend to give a report on prices on PA systems and coolers.

New Business: Debra Auspelmyer of the Montgomery County COC gave an invitation to come to Amsterdam on November 19 to give a 10 minute report on our Chamber.  Because of the price of gas, Dawn and Carolyn decided not to travel for 1˝  hours to share for 10 minutes. 

The Christmas Decorating Contest is on again for this year.  Roy Tompson and Alan Littrell, representing the American Legion, will be our judges. The categories are: religious, traditional, contemporary, business and best door.  There will be one $25.00 winner per category.  Winners will be asked to attend the January meeting to receive their prize. Judging will take place the Sunday before Christmas, December 21, 2008.

Mohawk Valley Foods are donating 2 turkeys for the Community Thanksgiving Dinner. The Chamber will donate $50 for turkeys for the dinner. MSC Ron Hezel/Alan Littrell

Adjournment was made.  MSC Alan Littrell/Ron Hezel

Respectfully Submitted,

Juanita Handy

Next Meeting: Wednesday, Jan. 12 at 6:30 p.m.

At the Community House

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